Key Cutting

AEP provides key cutting service for most common household keys, padlock keys, cabinet keys and some automotive keys. Keys can usually be cut while you wait. Key identification rings and key tags are also available.

Hand Engraving

Terry has over 30 years in hand engraving experience. Almost anything can be engraved by hand. This method allows greater flexibility than computerised engraving. It’s the best technique for engraving jewellery, giftware and unusual/awkward items.

Computer Engraving and Laser Engraving

Labels and small signs can be computer engraved on layered plastic material, aluminum or brass.

Laser engraving is an efficient process for engraving and marking a huge range of materials. Intricate work can be done on timber, acrylic, coated metals and much more.


This process is used mostly to etch text, logos and photos onto glass. The finished product is much better than laser engraved glass. Sandblasting is also used to produce outdoor plaques.

Sublimation Printing

This process is used when coloured logos or photos are required. It is also an efficient way of printing trophy plates. Common products which are produced include name badges, plaques and trophy centres.